I’m back!

Well, it’s definitely been awhile. I’ve decided to return back to the writing world, and therefore I have essentially rebooted my website. I’ve hidden all but a few posts, keeping the ones public that have more meaning to me or my friends.

A lot has happened since my last update in Fall of 2016. From weight loss, a new relationship, graduation, new job… it’s a lot! So feel free to read what sections you’re most interested in ūüėČ Warning – there will be a ton of photos!

Weight Loss:

One of the things that I am most proud of is that I’ve been working out, and I didn’t think it was showing until I put this photo array together:


The left-most photo is from mid-January of this year. The middle is the end of February. The third photo is just from a few weeks ago (so end of June).

The first photo makes me feel so awful. When I moved to Vegas in 2014 it was a mix of emotions, and I spent a lot of time at home on my couch and a ton of time eating. It didn’t help that I was new in Vegas and didn’t know anyone except for my boyfriend at the time. I ended up gaining a lot of weight because of it. So my goal now is to not just get back to my “old body”, but to look even better than what I used to look like. I lost a ton of inches this year within just a little over a month. Then I took time off to focus on graduating and ended up going back to my workout routine in June.

Here are a few more progress photos!


I’ve always been extremely self conscious in shorts, but when I went to take a progress photo after working out I couldn’t believe I actually didn’t mind what I was seeing. My confidence is definitely making a comeback.


Lenny, my boyfriend, took this photo of my back so I can compare it to a photo that I’ll eventually take at the end of the summer.


I feel like my face is much thinner and I’ve been wearing hairstyles that pull my hair back to actually¬†show¬†my face instead of hiding it. Still a sucker for makeup, though. One of my favorite hobbies.


This is just from last week, I was pretty bloated but I felt really good that day so I didn’t really care. I’m just overall much happier than I used to be.


And this just a photo of me in a new shirt that I got because it made me feel good. This is a towel dried, no makeup post but still feeling good photo. And that’s the whole point of working out again! This Monday I’m starting a new workout routine so I will take another set of before and after photos.



I finally graduated from college! I got my BSBA in Accounting from UNLV. One of the best parts about the whole ordeal was getting to walk with so many incredible friends. The last year of my college experience was defined by the people that I met and spent time with. We would spend nights at the library until 2am and then go get a quick drink or bite to eat down the street, only to return to the library in the morning. These people were all so smart in a multitude of ways, and I’m proud to have met so many memorable friends.


After graduating, I got some special news that my accounting team from school had made it into finals for this national student competition ran through the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants). This was especially special for our team because we all competed together in a competition for the AICPA back in 2015 and although we didn’t make it to finals, we learned a lot and became very close friends. Additionally, we had all graduated together which meant this was literally our last chance to do anything school-related and to place in a competition together.

So, mid-June we took off to Denver will our advisor! It was my first time in Colorado so I was very excited to go. The hotel we stayed at was beautiful. We spent our first day prepping, eating, and napping! The second day was the competition. We were up against three other schools, and found that that every school that was there had not only competed in this before, but had also won on numerous occasions. We were definitely the underdogs because this was our first time even attempting this competition.

Well, it turned out to be okay because we got first place! I almost cried when they announced us because we had put so much work into this project and really wanted to make the UNLV Lee Business School proud. I think we were successful with that.

Once I returned from Denver, I felt so much motivation that it pushed me to start my workout routine again. And that’s how I was able to get back into shape this summer. So thank you, IMA!


New Job & New City (Hello CPA!)

With graduation comes one of the biggest changes in my life… I will be moving at the end of the summer to Seattle. Going back to where my family lives and where I grew up.

My new career will be at one of the largest public accounting firms in the world, and I’ll be serving on the audit team. I start early September and I’m very excited to find out who my clients will be and meet everyone in the office. I miss working. I’ve always loved working so I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Going back to Seattle comes with some hesitations. I was so ready to leave Vegas about a year ago. I felt that urge as I went through recruitment. But as I was going through recruitment, I started second guessing myself and where I wanted to be. At first, I thought I should stay in Vegas. But then my interview in Seattle went so well that it was just meant to be. I’m really excited to be at this office.

The drawbacks of leaving though mean having to start over, which I’ve done before and I’m not so afraid of. But I’m bummed to be leaving my friends, but excited to make new ones. I’m bummed to be leaving the warm weather, but excited to experience all four seasons again. The hard part of the whole move will be having a long-distance relationship for the first time, but things with Lenny are so easy that we feel really confident in our ability to pull it off.

I’ve also started studying for my CPA exams! I’m waiting for what’s called a “NTS” so I can schedule my first exam. I’m hoping to take my first exam before my start date with my new company. The first section I am taking is FAR. The section after that will be Audit! The exams are in four different sections, and if I pass them all within the next year I’ll receive a bonus from my company.

Love Life

I feel like there is so much to say about Lenny, but I almost want to save it for this Tuesday because it’ll be our official “half year” together. Which is also odd because it seems like much longer than a half year.


Lenny has been a literal light in my life this year. He’s pushed me to be a better version of myself every day and for the first time in my life, I feel okay being me. But he makes me want to push the limits to figure out who¬†me¬†is. He inspires me to pursue my passions, and motivates me to stay on track with the things that matter to me such as studying for my exams and working out. I love this man so much. And I’ll explain that more in detail on Tuesday ūüėČ

Our Puppy, Snickers the Goldendoodle

Along with the relationship, we also got a puppy! Lenny knew I’ve been wanting a dog for the longest time. I was visiting shelters constantly, looking up animals on PetFinder, and eventually in my daily Internet searches I came across one of my dream dogs: a Goldendoodle. I love Goldendoodles because I really like having a big dog, and because my dog back home in Seattle is a Standard Poodle. I told Lenny about it while he was at work that day, then we met up in class that evening and decided to go check the puppy out. Lenny said, “If we go, you know you’re going to end up getting her.” Well, he wasn’t wrong!

This is our baby that Lenny named Snickers:


There’s some better photos of her on my Instagram, which is here.

Well, that’s all the major updates as of now. I’ll begin to be more consistent on here – at least once a week – because I’ve really missed writing.

Catch you later,


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