To My Love


Our first photo together in January 2017

Today is a really special day because six months ago, the guy I liked said to me, “I told all my friends I have a girlfriend.” With my response being, “Oh really? Who is she?” He rolled his eyes at me and asked me to be his. I guess you can say that was our “official” day, even though we considered ourselves together before then.

I met Lenny in November of last year.

November 8th, to be exact. I was a mess that day. My stress levels were extremely high as I was anxious for my upcoming interview in Seattle, I had just bombed an exam that afternoon, and I was on my way out of UNLV to catch my flight to Seattle for my final round interview with a public accounting firm. On my way out I saw my friend Rocky. Now, normally when I’m in somewhat of a hurry, I wouldn’t stay and chat. But Rocky is that kind of person that just calms the environment so I decided to go and say hi. He had a friend with him.

“Have you met Lenny?”

Jesus he was handsome.

And after that interaction, I was much more relaxed and confident as I left for the airport. When I called my mom on the way to the airport, I even told her about the “cute guy” that I met and how easy it was to talk to him, and how I was finally in a good mood that week.

Spoiler alert: I got the job.

We didn’t talk at all the rest of the semester, despite having a class together with Rocky. We sat on opposite sides of the room, so it made it fairly difficult. However, during finals week, we ran into each other in the atrium and decided to say hi. Lenny sat down next to me and we talked about how awful studying was going. We even talked about meeting up to study in the library, so we exchanged numbers… but I never reached out. We then ran into each other the morning of our Financial Reporting final. I was stressing out, but Lenny was as calm as ever. As I was sucking down coffee, Lenny was helping me with concepts and filling in blanks on my notecard. I was having a Christmas party the next day so I asked him to go. He had plans already but said he might stop by after. I took that as a “No thanks.”

But, he surprised me, as usual. Lenny showed up to my party. It was a great way to end the semester. After that weekend, I flew back home to Seattle to see my family for the next two weeks. Once I returned, just after New Years, I asked Lenny to come over and help me put a dent in the 12 bottles of wine that I had accumulated from the Christmas Party. He agreed.

We spent the night mostly listening to music and talking about everything we could think of. It wasn’t just, “What’s your greatest fear?” kind of conversation, it was more of, “Why is that your greatest fear?” That became our routine for the next few weeks: wine and conversation.

I believe that if anyone is lucky enough to find their own Lenny, they have to make sure to hold on tight. Although it has only been six months, it seems like so much longer. But the good kind of long: because it feels as though we’ve known each other forever.

He’s the most incredible man. With my upcoming moving date, he has been coming home every single day for lunch on his lunch break. He wants to spend as much time with me as he can before we begin the long-distance phase of the relationship.

He knows I stay up late, so he tries not to wake me in the morning except to say a quick good morning and goodbye before he heads to work. He knows how important working out and eating well have been to me lately, so he helps to keep me accountable by asking me what workout I’ll be doing that day, and what I’ll be eating. If I haven’t worked out before lunch, he’ll usually send me a text reminding me how much better I feel once I do. It’s extremely encouraging. When I’m working out in front of him, he cheers me on, and even helps me with some of the moves. For instance, if I’m doing a move but I’m not bent the right way, or my stance is incorrect, he’ll fix it for me and give me tips on how to do it better.

These last six months have been very different than any in my life. For the first time that I’m with someone, I feel like I can be myself completely. But it’s not just as I am – Lenny inspires and motivates me to be a better version of myself. Someone who can chase her dreams, face her fears. He has made me stronger physically and mentally. He’s the reason I go to bed at night with my face hurting because I’m smiling too much or laughing too hard. Not a bad problem to have 😉

It’s a relief being with someone who knows me so well. He can look at me and know exactly what kind of mood I’m in. He also knows that feeding me or giving me a hug just about cures anything.

Lenny, thank you so much for everything you have done in the last six months. I am so proud to know you and to be with you. You have grown so much this year and I’m unbelievably proud of how far you’ve come. The passion you have surpasses everyone I know. When you put your mind to something, you try your best at it and don’t let anyone hold you back. It’s easy to admire you because you’re made up of so many talents. One of the reasons I love you so much is because of your ambition. When you want something, you go for it: you don’t just ideally dream. It’s one of the reasons I know you’ll end up being the successful person that you strive to be.

I love you. I can’t wait to eat as much Chinese food as we can tonight at dinner.

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