This week, I made the front page of Reddit

It’s a little thing, but it was kind of neat: I’ve been on Reddit for about three years now. The other day I discovered the Parks and Rec sub – basically a page dedicated to fans of the TV show – and I posted a photo of me with my graduation cap! My grad cap was Parks and Rec/accounting themed, and not a lot of people understood it, so I was pretty excited that maybe a few people might understand it online. I was wrong. A LOT of people did:


For those that don’t watch Parks and Rec, Ben (who is pictured on my cap) is an accountant in the show. He has a lot of cheesy accounting puns. Here’s a video of the different jokes he makes:

I put the calculator joke on my cap to say “goodbye”, and also glued the calculator we had to use in *literally* all my accounting courses in college! (hint: the literally quote is also from Parks & Rec hehe).

Anyway, I posted this at night, right before bed. No one had commented or liked it at that point. I woke up in the morning to my notifications going off like crazy – not just from Reddit but friends from high school/college all sending me screenshots of my post! I thought it was pretty cool, but also a little surreal seeing my actual face on the front of one of my favorite websites.

There were some downsides, however: I got some disturbing messages, this one being the most uncomfortable one:


I guess I should have expected some vulgar messages since I was online, but I didn’t expect to hear something so evil from someone I don’t know. He saw my post history on Reddit, which is why he knew I have a significant other on deployment (I asked the Marine sub some ideas on how to support Lenny while he’s away). There were some other weird comments on my post: asking what is wrong with my face, or just some really cheesy accounting puns that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, and even some comments about how people just were “upvoting” my photo because a girl is in it, not because I had good content.

Despite some of the negativity, I thought it was a really cool experience and it got me talking to some people from high school that I haven’t heard from in ages. I tried to not take any of it too seriously – it’s sometimes hard not to though when people are making remarks about what you look like.

The big takeaway: my graduation cap was actually pretty awesome.



4 thoughts on “This week, I made the front page of Reddit

  1. Makenzie Hickam says:

    Don’t let assholes shit on your parade! This is awesome and so are you!!

    Also, would loooove to find the neck beard who posted those nasty comments and show to his mom who he’s probably “renting a room from”

    • Andrea DeBrino says:

      Haha! Dana, I love you. It’s pretty funny because I read the messages to some friends from work at a dinner, and I corrected the grammar as I was reading it. However I feel as though I should have read it how it was written to further discredit this person lol!

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