The past few weeks I… well, a lot happened.

Short list: I left the accounting industry, I started a new job, I attended two weddings (and was a bridesmaid for the first time), got to see my family, AND I saw Lenny for the first time in almost two months.

Today is actually one of those days that I want to write to remember how good I feel instead of writing to try and feel better. Just in the last couple weeks I feel as though my life has done a complete 180.

So, the big change for me: I left my job in audit, and accounting all together. I think anyone who has known me through college knew it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, which is funny because I did end up majoring in it. I’ve had so many people reach out after seeing my job update to say, “But… you majored in accounting. What about your degree?” My degree is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on accounting. The reason I picked accounting is because it was the most technical and I felt it was one of the best ways to not just understand the entire business cycle but to also feel comfortable around the financials in the business. I was always hoping to use accounting to do something else in the future that I enjoyed more but considered it to be a good foundation to understand business overall 🙂 If people are really interested I can go into further detail about my experience as an auditor in public accounting, but most people just assume the usual myths that 1. I’m good at math, 2. I can do their taxes, and 3. It meant I was boring. Haha! All not true. So, where am I going now?

I started my new job as a recruiter a week ago. I am now a “college recruiter”, which basically means my main focus will be recruiting students who are either about to graduate or who are still in college, for various positions in either internships, leadership programs, or direct placements. What else does it mean? Lots of travel to various campuses. My first trip is next week!

Since my new job has started, everything feels different. I feel like a whole new person. I’m excited to wake up in the mornings. My days are going by so quickly. I love my coworkers and how welcoming every single person has been. Since my work life has improved, my mental state and home life have, too. I’m more motivated to do things: I’m working out every day, I’m eating healthier, and for the first time I actually feel as though I can relax when I get home. I didn’t realize how something as “small” as getting a new job (well, career) could make the biggest difference.

The crazy part is that it has changed other things in my life, too: I feel more confident, and more like myself. Which has impacted my relationships as well – with Lenny, friends, family. I just feel like things are overall better. I’m very happy right now. I know it has only been a week but it’s all so different.


Last weekend I got to see Lenny for the first time in almost two months, and it was a whirlwind of emotions. We haven’t really been able to communicate a whole lot while he’s been gone, which has been really tough when you’re attempting to maintain a long distance relationship. Getting to see each other and actually sit and talk helped tremendously, more so because we know what to expect during the deployment now, and we know what goals we have. I am beyond excited for our future together and I am so proud of him. Not only is he getting ready to go overseas but he’s spending his free time studying master-level courses. He’s unbelievable (Lenny, I love you).

There’s more to say – much more, actually, but this is the latest I’ve stayed up in awhile and it’s time to attempt to get some sleep after this long, 3-day weekend 😉 I hope everyone was safe over Labor Day.




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