The Struggle of Losing Weight (& other updates)

Hey friends – it’s been a very long time since I wrote something.

I’m slightly disappointed in myself for putting aside a lot that is important to me: a big one being writing. I’ve realized that I’ve just been lazy when it comes to what I’m passionate about, and that I keep saying no to things that scare me instead of taking a chance on them.

So lately I have been practicing saying yes. Especially when it comes to plans – I think I get in this comfortability and just end up staying at home, so I’m trying really hard to break my Netflix routine. Whether it’s to meet up with friends, go hiking, or just read a book – feels better than scrolling endlessly on my phone.

With that, I also need to really step out of my comfort zone of food. I have been eating like absolute crap, and it’s really going against my goal of losing weight. I’m at the gym about 5-6 days/week and I’m not making any progress because I’m eating like shit. The plus side is that I am getting stronger, but I haven’t seen many results on the scale or in my measurements.

One thing I’m proud of is that last week I stuck to my meal prep for lunch every day. I tried really hard to stay under my calories for the day and I mostly accomplished it. This week will be tougher because I’m traveling for work, but I’m going to still be good – especially because I won’t have access to a gym. I’m going to make up for it by walking to work every day I’m here (1.5 miles each way).

Another accomplishment of the week was being able to add weight to my bench press. When I first started weight lifting, I had a lot of trouble benching just the bar: I could barely get through 10 reps in just one set. Eventually I was able to do about 4 sets of 12 with the bar. Then this week I added 5 pounds and was able to do 3 sets of 12 with it.

So, a few non-scale victories. But not seeing any other progress has been so discouraging. But it’s my fault, and I really need to step it up and get back into it on the food front. I’ll try to post about my meals to keep myself accountable (and to help anyone having the same struggle as me!).

The best part of this whole process is having a group of friends to keep me accountable on my fitness (Makenzie, Roxanne, Danielle, & Rachelle). I’m not sure how I started getting tagged in things but I love that I got pulled into it. I love you guys.

Aside from the attempt at weight loss, I have two huge updates in my life: 1) Lenny is back home from deployment and 2) I started a new job last week. Each of those items will get their own post, because there’s a lot to unpack there.

Otherwise, things are pretty groovy. I’m currently in San Francisco for week two of my new job, wishing I had better shoes.

Goals for this week:

  1. Walk to work in SF
  2. Stay accountable on calories
  3. Don’t give up on my health
  4. Be consistent (food & gym)
  5. Write about my new job (& Lenny)



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