It’s been awhile since I’ve been here

I haven’t touched my blog in about a year, and I’m almost at a lost of words on where to start. I miss writing, immensely. I want to actually start writing a book, something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a kid.

Then I also find myself wanting to get back into the world of blogging. I want to share the shit life lessons I’ve endured in the last couple years, the words of wisdom of what I’ve found well to work for people looking for a job (coming from a recruiter’s perspective), the places that I explore in my travels with James & the best little spots to stop in, and how I’ve come to deal with my mental health challenges – along with the ones that I’m still facing today.

I don’t know if anyone still takes a look at this little side of my internet, but if you do, you may see me a bit more active on here.

As for where I’m at today? I’m mostly content. Snickers is still the best dog a girl could ask for. I have a partner by my side that encourages me to be a better version of myself each day. I’m still trying to figure out my career path and where to settle down, but I’m making progress each day.

So I’m hoping to make a commitment to try and be on here more often. And if I’m not, hopefully I’m working on a book. A real ass book. Could you imagine?



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