About Andie

I’m a 27-year-old accounting alum from UNLV, attempting to get back into reality after spending four years working at Disney.

I’m passionate about photography, videography, writing, comic books, movies, reading, & video games.

My blog is currently a focus on the accomplishments, challenges, fears, and activities while my boyfriend (Lenny) is gone during his deployment overseas. I’m hoping to focus on weight loss, photography, trying new things, watching a variety of TV and movies, and trying to be a better person.

I’m originally from the Seattle area, and with that comes a huge love for the Mariners & the Seahawks. My family is still around there (for now), so I make it a point to visit as much as possible. I am extremely close to my family and consider them to be my closest friends.

My favorite video game is Bioshock Infinite, and quite possibly my next tattoo? I was very impressed with the story line, music, characters… well, everything.

Harry Potter is my ultimate favorite book series, so much so that I even have a tattoo from the series on my back- it was even featured in this Buzzfeed article (#9)!

Titanic is my favorite movie, and the reason my parents had to tell me the people in movies are actors because I was so torn up over the death of Jack.

It’s extremely hard for me to be silent in a situation where someone is under attack for no reason.

My goal in life is to be the best version of myself and to inspire others to do the same.

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