Speaker for Winter JAM

This week I was honored to be asked to attend the McGraw Hill Winter JAM as a speaker to talk about my experience using their products. I’m a Student Ambassador for the company, which mostly means that you’ll find me presenting to classrooms each semester on how to access their assignments and book digitally.

When I was first asked, I was told I’d be speaking at a meeting- I assumed it was going to be relatively small. Turns out it was a meeting for over 650 people!

I was put up in the JW Marriott in Phoenix, which was just gorgeous. The first night I went out to the pool, lazy river, and hottub- and not one other person was there due to the rain! It was amazing how relaxing it was.

I presented early Tuesday morning- I was actually the last speaker of the morning to close out the session before lunch had started. I introduced  myself, and talked about my very non-traditional route that I’ve taken in order to earn my degree. Next, I spoke about the impact that Connect had on me when it came to learning versus a “normal” textbook, and then closed out my speech with a thank you to everyone attending.


My parents say I look like the next President

As I stepped off staged, I received a standing ovation- this was a huge surprise! As I headed to lunch I was stopped by numerous people who were telling me how well I did and some who just wanted to know more about myself. I got lots of questions about my plans after graduation, and if I needed a place to go once I was done.


A photo Jennifer took of me

Overall it was a very wonderful experience to be a part of. It was great seeing the other side of the company and learning more about what to expect for 2016. I’m just glad I didn’t trip on the way up to the stage!

Warm Wishes,


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